Self Drive

iDrive self drive provides exclusive sports and prestige vehicles from some of the very best car manufacturers throughout the world, we have vehicles that have been added to the fleet whereby every aspect and detail of the vehicle is specifically ordered and enhanced to make sure once you hire, your experience in the vehicle is not only impressive to you but you also stand out in a crowd.The fleet comprises of Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Land Rover to name a few.


Sport & Supercars

iDrive Prestige cars has a wide selection of super cars (subject to availability). We want our clients to have a diverse selection of choice and experience a super car without going to the expense of purchasing it themselves. Supercars are not everyday cars to drive, which is why we are offering the opportunity to hire such vehicles on special occasions i.e. your Birthday, Wedding, Eid, Christmas etc.


We have a large selection of top quality convertibles always available. We specialize in adding the final touches…the finest of details and endeavor to provide the highest specification convertible. Therefore we do not offer a standard vehicle but instead go that extra mile and offer a fully equipped vehicle, which includes full sports packages. From aesthetics to performance, we only provide one of the highest models offered by the manufacturers.


iDrive Prestige is one of the leading 4×4 specialists. Our unrivaled 4×4 fleet has much to offer; from modified iDrive Edition cars to factory cars with all the extras imaginable. iDrive is also very selective when purchasing configuring our vehicles, for example, the build quality, extras and even the colour of the vehicle we select are carefully chosen, with quality and exclusivity being the highest preference.


Our premium range offers the best in the business class category, from our wide range of saloons to our long wheel base cars, all available for self drive hire. For business purposes or pleasure – we have the finest prestige vehicles for you to drive day after day.

A Great Experience

iDrive help you create memories that will last forever. We understand that hiring a supercar is more than just an just a simple choice.

Stand Out in a Crowd

With an iDrive car, you will most definitely stand out from the rest, arrive in style comfort and luxury.

Luxury fleet

The fleet comprises of Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Land Rover to name a few. View all our cars