Going to a school prom?

Why not make your final school journey a lifetime memory? Have you purchased all your gear for stunning photo shoots? Hire one of our prestige cars and one of our professionals will pick you up in plenty of time for a perfect shoot and a cruise before arriving at your school prom to show off in style. Make your final day at school a lifetime memory. Chauffeurs will give you a great experience by opening doors and by making you truly feel like a VIP.


Range of Cars

iDrive has a great range of cars available to ensure you pick the perfect car for that perfect prom day.

Unforgettable Experience

School prom is your last chance to create a memory at school, so it is vitally important to make it an unforgettable experience.


There will be plenty of time to take pictures and go for a memorable drive before getting to the prom so you will remember the night for ever.